Frank & Michelle Davis

Frank Davis, Senior Pastor
Michelle Davis, Director of Women’s Ministry

Welcome to Haven Rock!

As we invite you into our Haven Rock family, we would like to share a few things about ourselves. We’ve been married for 26 years and have two amazing children who are both disciples, Jacquelyn, 24, and Kenya, 17. For Michelle and me, Haven Rock is an exciting new chapter on a spiritual journey that has spanned decades.

After my parents’ divorce, my amazing mom raised four children by herself. I hid it well, but I was filled with anger and so much fear. Growing up, our family attended church every Sunday, but as I got older, I began to resent and distrust organized religion. I saw little difference between my teen friends who went to church and the ones who didn’t, and honestly, I saw even less difference in myself. I just felt empty and alone. Church didn’t seem to be helping, so the very first thing I did when I went away to college was to stop attending.

It was during my sophomore year at the University of Maryland that God got my attention. I was dragged to a small Bible study group. What I found there changed my life. I found people filled with Christ’s love, who loved me and accepted me from day one. It was a life-giving group, part of a life-giving church where Christianity wasn’t just a religion; it was a true relationship with God. It was there that I first came in contact with the real Jesus and saw the power of personal discipleship and one another love. I got saved shortly afterwards, and over time, God moved my heart to go into the full-time ministry. Why? I was convinced that there were men and women just like me, wandering around, angry, lost, and empty. Like me, they needed more than a church. They needed Jesus. God blessed me to graduate from Maryland with honors in 1986, and I moved to Tallahassee, Florida, and later New York in order to train for full-time ministry.

I met my incredible wife Michelle in New York a few years after graduation. Michelle was born in Manhattan and grew up in the Bronx. From the beginning, God’s grace helped her defy the odds. As the oldest of six children raised by a single mom, she was the first in her family to graduate high school and would go on to be the first to graduate college, completing a double major at Long Island University. Shortly after graduation, she started working at IBM, and it was during this time that she started attending a professional women’s Bible study group. The love, devotion, and honesty of the disciples in this group inspired Michelle to develop her own relationship with God, and she was saved in 1985. With her sincere love for God and people, her magnetic personality and her captivating smile, Michelle went on to become one of the principle leaders for her congregation’s singles’ ministry and began to develop an interest in full-time ministry. In 1989, she left a promising career in corporate America to work for the ministry full time. Michelle and I were married a few months later.

Together we’ve spent the last 26 years as church planters and missionaries. We’ve pastored and planted life giving, discipling ministries in New York, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Georgia, and most recently Alabama. Now, the Holy Spirit is calling us to start a new work in Birmingham, Alabama. Our goal is to take the best of what we’ve learned after nearly three decades of ministry and build a safe place, full of love, a place where miracles happen. Welcome to Haven Rock.