Love Story Classes

Moving from Believer to Disciple!

In partnership with You2Church (, we offer the Love Story Series.  The Love Story Series answers several key questions.  What are the basic things that every person needs to understand in order to develop a meaningful relationship with God?  How can we make the transformation from being a believer to being a disciple?  What are the fundamental teachings that every disciple needs to be reminded of in order to stay full of zeal, no matter his/her spiritual maturity?  Our Love Story Series is a series of lessons that cover these topics, containing valuable teachings for your faith journey at every stage.  Whether you are just beginning your walk or are seasoned in the faith,  Love Story is for you.  The lessons are given online, in class on Sundays (as part of our Growth Track), or through a mentor.  At any point, if you are learning the lessons online or in class, you can request a mentor and an experienced Bible teacher will work with you to personalize the studies.

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There are three phases of Love Story.

 Phase I: “Love Story” (Moving From Believer to Disciple)  {6 Lessons}

 Phase II:  “Making It Work” (Developing Deep Spiritual Roots) {6 Lessons} 

 Phase III:  “Keeping the Fire” (Keys to Continually Growing in Your Discipleship) {6 Lessons}

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