Our Leadership Team

Frank & Michelle Davis

Frank is the Senior Pastor/ Lead Evangelist of Haven Rock. Michelle is the Director of Women’s Ministry.

Sean Colosimo

Sean is the Congregational Teacher/Associate Minister of Haven Rock.   He is a valuable part of Haven Rock’s leadership team and is an inspiring teacher and preacher.

Duke & Kamilah Frison

Duke & Kamilah serve on the congregational leadership team and do an amazing job leading our singles’ ministry.

Brian & Kim Birl

The incredibly talented Brian & Kim serve on the leadership team and lead the congregations’ married ministry. Brian also serves as president of the financial board

Ejemole Michael Ojukwu, Jr.

Ejemole is an amazing servant. He serves on the leadership team, oversees the campus ministry, and leads the media ministry.

Porter & Bertina Foster

Porter & Bertina embody joy and faithfulness. They serve on the leadership team, oversee the Gadsden ministry, and lead the children’s ministry.